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Dromgoole Recycling

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Dromgoole Recycling

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Dromgoole Recycling

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Fast & Efficient

The whole operation from our arrival to loading the lorry on site only takes around 20 minutes.

Save Money

You can fit 2.5 skips into one grab carrying up to 17 tonne, the cost-benefits alone make the decision easy.

Environmentally Responsible

  • You have the peace of mind knowing that your waste will be processed at our Recycling Centre, which is approved by the Environment Agency.

Dromgoole recyling

Dromgoole Recycling is THE one-stop choice for Construction Companies, Building Contractors, Demolition Contractors, Highway Contractors, and Civil Engineers.

When new roads and houses are being built, Droomgoole Hardcore is the first choice for the civil engineers managing the projects. This is because we can guarantee the quality of our materials and produce and deliver the amount needed -on time and to budget.

We aim to send zero to landfill and carry a valid Waste Carrier Licence permitting us to take your waste and arisings to our fully licensed recycling centre.

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caring for the environment

Our facility is dedicated to the sorting and re-use of clients’ waste. We regularly process and recycle approximately 98% of waste back into the construction industry – offering a valuable solution which is kinder to the environment.

Demolition waste has long been broken down and used as foundations and sub-bases for new construction, roads and other pavements.

There is now a movement towards, and encouragement for, recycling old concrete as crushed aggregate for new concrete and Dromgoole Recycling is leading the way.


  1. Dromgoole’s top of the range grab lorry or tipper lorry is detailed to collect a load of excavated materials from a Commercial Housebuilding Project, or from a DIY Project.
  2. Parking the vehicle, the Operator works from the operator’s platform and uses the 1-tonne grab to scoop up the material and load it onto the lorry. Or we can even collect one of our skips from your project.
  3. When the lorry’s weight-indicator notifies the limit has been reached, the grab bucket is stowed and the lorry returns to base.
  4. Once back in our recycling centre, the load is tipped before being transferred to one of our massive McCloskey state-of-the art recycling machines, which (in just a few minutes) grades it into different sizes and types. This process provides a full range of aggregates and soil for a wide variety of applications.
  5. Next, a Customer contacts Dromgoole Recycling who then load the requested aggregate onto a grab-lorry, or one of our top of the range 8 wheel tipper lorries, and delivers it to their home as a new sub-base for a driveway, or as the footings for another housing estate being built.
  6. The cycle has been completed and then it begins again.

And, of course, no project is too small, from DIY to major construction work – Dromgoole Recycling is leading the way.
Dromgoole Recycling in Chester, North Wales Wirral


State of the art Recycling Centre, fully approved by the Environment Agency.

Dromgoole Recycling in Chester, North Wales Wirral

Top Soil

High-quality topsoil is essential for any garden or landscaping scheme.

Dromgoole Recycling in Chester, North Wales Wirral

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The world is finally waking up to the impact we are making to the Environment – yet at Dromgoole & Son’s, we have put recycling at the forefront of our operations for over twenty years.

The chances are you never give the work of Dromgoole Recycling a second thought – but you are more connected to it than you think.

From the roads you drive on – to the house you live in, Dromgoole Recycling are likely to have contributed to them.

This is because we passionately believe in recycling – and we waste NOTHING from all of the aggregates that pass through our state-of-the-art recycling centre.

It’s a simple philosophy that immediately benefits the environment, as it reduces the need for new materials to be created, with the attendant costs.

Duty of Care

With more and more Local Authorities charging for tipping rubble at their recycling centres, when someone knocks on your door, it may be tempting to agree to let them take away you waste for what may appear to be a small fee.

However, that decision could result in your being fined for illegal tipping, as the responsibility to ensure your waste is recycled legally rests with YOU.

At Dromgoole, we will supply you with the correct, legal Paperwork. Our Duty of Care Certificate will give you confidence knowing your waste has been properly recycled in full accordance with the Law.

That’s what makes Dromgoole Recylcing kind to the Environment and more cost-effective for everyone in the chain.

with over 60 years in the business over 50% of our custOmers come from recommendations

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